Preparing Your NYC Home for Move-In: Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Featured: Young couple moving into home surrounded by boxes- Preparing your NYC home for move-in post-construction cleaning service

When you move into a newly built home in NYC, you want to start fresh with your own dirt. It’s best to conduct a thorough post-construction cleaning. New York City  brings a host of urban demands to adhere to during this process, like high-rise complexities, fast-paced projects, and trash and debris disposal regulations. Sometimes, it’s […]

How to Prepare for Move-out Cleaning

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As you prepare to move out of your current location you may be wondering how you can best leave that space to be ready to welcome its next occupants. In short, you will want to leave it clean. Those moving in should not have to clean up after you leave. But that probably sounds daunting. […]

8 Things To Do When Moving – New House Cleaning

Congratulations on choosing a new house! That process can be grueling, but the reward is well worth it. At Deep Clean NYC we celebrate your accomplishments and want to make the transition process as seamless as possible. We have put together this new house cleaning list for you to keep in mind as you move. Whether […]

Why You Should Clean Before Staging a Home

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you’ll have first-hand knowledge of the impact staging can have on buyer interest. This is because, regardless of the price range, buyers want to experience the environment for themselves before they commit to purchasing a house. Otherwise, they’re gambling their hard-earned money on a place they may not […]