Preparing Your NYC Home for Move-In: Post-Construction Cleaning Service

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When you move into a newly built home in NYC, you want to start fresh with your own dirt. It’s best to conduct a thorough post-construction cleaning. New York City  brings a host of urban demands to adhere to during this process, like high-rise complexities, fast-paced projects, and trash and debris disposal regulations. Sometimes, it’s challenging to get everything done in the time that you have to do it, so you might choose to undertake the project yourself. Or you could hire a post-construction cleaning service to customize a cleaning plan based on your space and timeline. Deep Clean NYC’s professionalism, expertise,  and attention to detail will meet your standards and exceed your expectations for a move-in cleaning service. 

We know the ins and outs of post-construction in Brooklyn and NYC. Years of dedicated experience have taught us that post-construction cleaning begins during the pre-construction phase. Make sure your contract has a detailed cleanup plan that delineates whose responsibility it is to clean up what portion of the mess. Before moving into your new place, which will most likely resemble a contained dusty disaster, conduct a thorough walkthrough with the builders to address any issues related to debris removal. Some construction materials contain fine crystalline dust particles that can affect your respiration. Combined with sharp shards and forgotten nails, these leftovers can create an unsafe space.

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New house cleaning is more than just an aesthetic preference, and Deep Clean NYC has the experience you need to prepare your home before you inhabit the newly created space. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to DIY or hire a professional  cleaning service.

DIY Deliberations

Most people fancy themselves as pretty decent house cleaners. They do the basics and the necessities and save deep cleaning projects for special occasions. Moving into your new house is one such occasion that deserves either a professional move-in cleaning service that welcomes the magnitude of post-construction cleaning or your very best effort.

If you’re doing it yourself, prioritize the main spaces where you spend most of your time or that receive the most foot traffic. Work top to bottom in each room, saving the floors for last and making your way from the back to the front. In the bathrooms, clean walls, the toilets, tubs, showers, faucets, sinks, countertops, mirrors, and shelves. For the bedrooms, tend to the vents, ceiling fan blades, windowsills, baseboards, and all those unique ledges and dust-collecting surfaces that give the room character. Focus on the kitchen by cleaning all of the appliances, inside and out, while wiping down the countertops, inside and out of cabinets (especially the top!), light fixtures, knobs, handles, and switches. The love you give your living room will be returned a thousandfold. Dust the shelves, windows, fixtures, and surfaces, and remember to clean the furniture and upholstery, too.

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Hiring a Move-In Cleaning Service in Brooklyn, NYC

A commercial cleaning service will complete all of that for you, plus they’ll do the jobs you don’t want to or don’t know need to get done. Let us know what you need! We note any special items that require extra attention or a specific product., As a trusted move-in cleaning service in New York CIty, Deep Clean NYC promises to save you time and stress, as our expert process is efficiently streamlined from years of service. We have the training, the tools, the equipment. Our cleaning products are top-notch and eco-friendly. Our satisfied clients cherish our attention to detail and time management, tailoring the job to your needs and timeline. We work with you to create a customized cleaning plan, including any specialized services. In the same way you performed a final walkthrough of your home post-construction to ensure everything was as expected, we come to your house for an initial consultation – and it’s free!

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Professional Tips and Tricks

If DIY is still for you, we highly recommend using a moving cleaning checklist. Give yourself enough time to clean room by room. For larger spaces, cleaning item by item may be more efficient. For example, clean all the windows one day, then all the countertops and surfaces, and finish with the floors. Make a plan that works for you, and follow it.   

You’ll encounter a lot of trash on the way (wipes, vacuum entrails, leftover construction debris, etc.), so keep a garbage bag with you as you proceed. The thicker and sturdier, the better! You can even invest in stand-up trash bags for an extra touch of modern convenience.

Protect your furniture and belongings. If you did a soft move-in before or during the construction phase, cover your things from dust and debris. Spread a drop cloth on your floors if you have a lot of trash to drag out.

Clean your windows inside and out, if possible. They’re often hard to get to and easy to overlook, but you’ll thank yourself for getting up there, getting into the nooks and crannies, and polishing the glass to reflection perfection.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Walls

Walls are often neglected in the DIY cleaning process, too, even though they make up most of your space and deserve proper cleaning. For finished and painted walls, use dry microfiber cloth duster or swiffer duster to gently  wipe the dust from top to bottom. In some cases you can use a little dish soap and warm water to wipe your wall. Check to make sure it is safe to use on your walls.  Check for stains that might require a different cleaning product and method. For wallpaper, dust the area with a microfiber cloth only. You do not want to use any water as it may damage or discolor finish or pattern. Finally, if you do the cleaning yourself, use the right tools and personal protection equipment for the job. Post-construction dust and debris demand a higher level of cleaning than the usual type of work, and they can be harmful to you. The products you use matter. Your health matters. Protect yourself with a dust mask and HEPA-equipped vacuum filters. Your vacuum matters, too, so use a good one and clean it when you’re done.

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Move-Out Cleaning Service in NYC

Moving in usually implies moving out of somewhere else. If you vacate a property to move into your new house, you’ll also need to consider a thorough move-out cleaning. Be the NYC tenant who leaves the space better than you found it by paying attention to a few special considerations, especially if a full security deposit refund is on the line. The collective rule of thumb suggests that “broom swept” is good enough, but you can do better than that! Clean in and around the appliances, empty and sanitize the drawers and cabinets. And wipe down the walls, baseboards, fixtures, fans, and windows. Dust the blinds and check the ventilation grates and air ducts, as they probably need to be dusted, too. Disinfect the bathroom, replace the toilet seat, and scrub away the soap residue. Or, you can hire a professional move-out cleaning service!

Hire Brooklyn’s Trusted Move-In Cleaning Service

Deep Clean NYC will show you what a masterful move-in or move-out cleaning service looks like. Contact us today, and we’ll help you prepare your space to welcome you home! 

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