Holiday Decorations Cleaning: Getting Your Home Back in Order

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Few people in Manhattan, NYC, remember to add holiday cleaning to their wish list, but it’s something every house and host needs. After the gifts are opened, and the guests are gone, it’s time to put away the décor and start the new year with a clean space. Here are Deep Clean NYC’s recommended decoration cleaning and storage tips to do yourself, along with the best professional cleaning service suggestions to get your home in order.

Organization and Storage Hacks

Decluttered tidiness makes for easier access next holiday season. Take the time to go through your decorations, deciding what to clean and keep and what to throw away. Remember to label everything and dedicate a storage space where your holiday items will be undisturbed. 

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Ornaments and Wreaths

How you clean and store your ornaments depends on what they’re made from. Use hard-sided storage containers for delicate bulbs or ones with sentimental value. Shoe boxes or paper bags work well for durable plastic décor, and egg cartons are great for small, delicate items. Leftover tissue paper and gift boxes make excellent wrapping material for fragile ornaments, especially snow globes, candles, and nativity scenes. Before stashing them, use an appropriate cleaner and microfiber cloth to dust, spray, wipe, and dry them before putting them away for the season.

Dried flower wreaths and decorations have a limited array of cleaning options. Instead of shaking them free of lint and fuzz, put the wreath in a trash bag and use a hair dryer to blow the dust off with a low, cool airstream. If they’ve accumulated some grease from touching or proximity to cooking, place them in a paper bag and sprinkle table salt over them. Close the bag and gently shake it for the salt and grease to bind in loose particles that are easy to dispose of. For plastic wreaths, simply bathe them or spray them with warm water, and let them air dry before hanging them on a hanger or laying them on a rack for storage.

Lights, Cords, and Trees

Nothing compares to the frustration of untangling strands of holiday lights, which tends to happen during setup and takedown. Save yourself the headache and avoid throwing the strands of holiday joy away by using a durable rectangular piece of cardboard to wind the lights around. Cut a few grooves into the sides of the cardboard to keep the wires where you want them. Hangers and hose reels also make good spools. In any case, keep multiple strands connected, and store them with a power cord so you don’t have to scrounge for one next year.

Christmas trees are another wonderful seasonal tradition that quickly turns stressful when the holiday is over, and the house is full of pine needles and a dead tree. For some, it’s hard to throw away. While you extend the feel of the holiday season, keep it watered to delay needles drying and falling. Then, check out these eco-friendly tree disposal methods when you’re ready. Artificial trees are one option to avoid this, but they also come with special care. Before you pack it away, once it’s bare, use a handheld vacuum to remove the dirt and dust gently, then wrap it to keep it protected in storage.

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Gift Wrap and Bags

A handy trick we learned from the trade is to store rolls of leftover wrapping paper vertically in a spare trash bin. This will save space and prevent ruining the rolls. If you have a plethora of bows, bags, tissue paper, and ribbons, an excellent option for storage is an over-the-door shoe holder. Go the extra mile by packing spare tape and scissors, too. For your treasured holiday gift bags, use a simple or decorative magazine holder to keep them tightly organized.

Holiday Cleaning Services

Tips and tricks aside, Deep Clean NYC specializes in professional holiday cleaning. We know you celebrate a variety of holidays, and we want you to relax into the enjoyment of this special season. Hosting is a serious endeavor that infringes upon every room in your house and every appliance in your kitchen. After decades of holiday cleaning experience, here are some of our most requested cleaning services to start the new year.

Kitchen Appliances

To thank your kitchen for all its hard work, our professional deep cleaning service cleans the inside and outside of your fridge, freezer, oven, and dishwasher. We tend to not only these but also your sink and countertops using natural, eco-friendly supplies with care until they shine. We disinfect the interior and exterior of your drawers and cabinets, including the top part where you can find dust from holidays past.  

For the fridge and freezer, be sure to empty it once the leftovers are gone. This is a good time for an annual defrost if your freezer space is shrinking and you have to make room for a week’s worth of frozen holiday treats. The key to oven cleaning is to focus on removing the burned-on spills inside and the proper care for your stovetop. We’ve seen it all, and we have all of the scrubbers and supplies you need. Give your dishwasher some care with a thorough deep cleaning, including checking the drain. It’s also a good time to clean the garbage disposal according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or let us help!

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Upholstery, Rugs, and Carpets

We know every cushion, accent rug, and throw pillow was sufficiently loved through the holidays. Perhaps a family pet left its scent on your favorite chaise. We also know you haven’t opened your windows all winter, so the fabrics are probably suffering for a refresh. Vacuum every upholstered item and every bit of fabric. Follow up with a refreshing fabric spray, perhaps mixed with water and essential oils like mint, herb, and lemon. Then, spot-clean the stains. If warm, soapy water doesn’t do the trick, and smells and stains persist, you might need help from a professional deep cleaning service.        

The usual area rug shake-out might not remove all of the accumulated dirt, pebbles, snow, and rock salt. If you can, air them outside to help with odor, too. Follow up with a cleaning. If you’re doing it yourself, we recommend brushing it with a rough brush before washing. Take special care with your rugs based on their material, which also applies to your carpets. If you only do one thing this post-holiday cleaning season, get your carpets professionally cleaned. You’ll thank yourself as there are at least a few stains you missed this holiday season or prior.

Whether you treat yourself to a professional holiday cleaning or do it yourself, clean your vacuum. Check the filter, especially for pine needles and garland pieces. If you hire Deep Clean NYC, rest assured we use the highest-quality filters when vacuuming.  

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Bathrooms and Linens

Gather tablecloths, runners, placemats, napkins, and holiday kitchen towels. Collect the hand towels, bathmats, guest sheets, and pillowcases. Wash and dry them completely, and put them out of the way until next season. Check and clean your shower curtains, and maybe buy yourself a new one. Give the bathrooms an extra thorough deep cleaning, which means in and around those toilets. Let us help; we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.  

Post-Holiday Cleaning 

In Manhattan, NYC, we celebrate every holiday. Whether you need a Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas cleaning, or if New Year cleaning is the one for you, contact us! We’ll help pack away your holiday decorations and get your space deep cleaned for the coming year.

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