Newborn Arrival Cleaning

Deep cleaning your home before the arrival of your new baby is not just a desire but a necessity in today’s world. Deep Clean NYC has a service specifically for this need: Newborn Arrival Cleanup. 

We know how stressful the last few months of a pregnancy can be for both moms and, yes you dads. Waiting for the arrival of your precious little one and nesting is key for everyone in the family. 

Getting your NYC home ready for the new baby is crucial. In the midst of pregnancy chaos, making your place clean and calm is key. Tackle city dust and maximize your space to create a peaceful spot for your growing family. Check out some essential tips for a baby-ready home in the heart of NYC.

This is where the concept of our Newborn Arrival Cleanup Services was born.

Did you know that your new baby’s skin isn’t just sensitive, but it will actually absorb more of everything it touches including chemicals and toxins.

That is why our professional team will focus on the key rooms that your newborn will be occupying most, like

  • Nursery
  • Bathroom
  • Master bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living room

Making sure that the entire space is cleaned and sanitized prior to their arrival into their new home


 With our dedication and attention to the smallest details, we take the stress and worrying out of your hands so that you can spend your time focusing on more important matters, like adjusting to this beautiful addition to your family.

There is no better time than now to prepare yourself and your home for this new and exciting time in your life.

You can rest assured that your home will get clean and sanitized by utilizing only safe and non-toxic products that are specially designed for use around newborns and growing babies while giving you the option of lightly scented or fragrance-free products.

Give the gift of love and care to someone special in your life by booking a “newborn arrival cleaning” with us!
It is a great gift for the new parent-to-be in your life while showing that you share in the joy of the new arrival.

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Here are some of the cleaning products we utilize for newborn arrival cleaning

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