How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home for a Baby in NYC

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First off, a hearty “Congratulations!” from the team at Deep Clean NYC! We are thrilled for you and the new addition to your family. As you prepare to welcome this little one into your home we hope that this information about how to clean and disinfect your home for a new baby is helpful. Deep Clean NYC is here to support and assist you in making your home a safe and welcoming environment for the baby’s first home. We service houses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC and offer a free no-obligation consultation and estimate for your convenience. 

Why Clean and Disinfect Your Home Before The Arrival Of Your New Baby 

Your newborn is just beginning a lifetime of experiences. Help ensure that the first experiences don’t include dirt, dust, and germs. Babies are fragile and still developing their immune systems. Even as they grow, babies have the tendency (and natural developmental milestones) to explore the world by moving around on the floor and putting everything in their mouths. Protect your newborn and the rest of your family by starting out with a well-cleaned home and regularly disinfect surfaces that could be a hazard to your growing baby. 

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How Deep Clean NYC Can Help

The weeks leading up to birth and the time after you bring your new baby home (can we call it the baby’s house now?) are busy and full of many new things to think about. We want to help relieve some of that stress, not add to it. To support you during this life change we offer Newborn Arrival Cleanup Services for the days and weeks immediately before the baby is born. Our professionally trained technicians will come to your home and take the stress out of cleaning. We use non-toxic cleaners that are safe and effective. 

Areas to Clean

The main areas to keep in mind as you clean your home are: floors, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. 

Cleaning the Floors

Your floors may have the greatest potential for dirt, dust, and bacteria. Before you put your baby down on the floor make sure that it is clean. Consider laying the baby on a clean sheet or blanket rather than directly on the floor. Make sure someone is nearby at all times for safety purposes. 

Hardwood floors should be mopped or swept daily. Our Newborn Arrival Cleaning Service includes steaming the floors to clean and disinfect them thoroughly without using harsh chemicals. 

Rugs and carpets should be steamed or otherwise deep-cleaned before you bring your baby home. After the baby is born, vacuum the rugs at least once a week and more frequently if your baby will be lying on them often. Rugs can harbor dirt and germs for days. 

In addition to cleaning the floors, our vacuums also include a HEPA air filter that cleans the air and ensures that we are not simply throwing particles from the floor into the air. 

Pro Tip:

Ask your family and any guests to remove their shoes at the door. This will cut down on the quantity of dirt that is tracked through the house. Remember, even if you don’t see the dirt, the floor is still dirty. 

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Cleaning the Bathroom

Bathrooms have the potential for a lot of bacteria. Besides cleaning the bathroom regularly, you should also disinfect the surfaces daily. This will help to keep all members of your family healthy and reduce the risk of bringing illness into your home with a new baby. Surfaces to disinfect include:

  • sink and counter
  • light switches
  • faucet knobs
  • drawer handles
  • toilet seat and handle

Baby Disinfectant Spray

Now is a good time to talk about baby disinfectant spray. Look for a spray that specifically states it is safe to use around babies. If you want to make your own you can do so using one part water and one part white vinegar. This 1:1 solution should be sprayed on surfaces and allowed to dry before anyone touches it. 

Cleaning the Bedroom

Your baby will spend a majority of the first weeks sleeping. And hopefully you are spending consistent time resting and sleeping as well! Keep your bedrooms clean and germ-free by keeping dirty clothes off the beds and floor and changing the sheets (including your pillow cases) weekly. Crib sheets should be changed at least once a week and more often if soiled. 

All clothes, burp cloths, blankets, and stuffed animals should be washed regularly. Wash your baby’s clothes and burp cloths after each use. Wash blankets and stuffed animals at least once a week and more often if soiled. They spend a lot of time in your baby’s mouth and can be a prime source for bacteria. Do not share blankets or stuffed animals with other children. 

The changing table should be wiped down with a disinfectant cleaner after each use. Throw away dirty wipes and diapers in a safe place and wash your hands thoroughly after changing your baby’s diaper. 

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Baby Toys

A common question about cleaning baby toys is: “Is rubbing alcohol safe for cleaning baby toys?” And the answer is yes, as long as the toys get rinsed thoroughly after being washed with rubbing alcohol. You can also use a 1:1 white vinegar solution and follow that with a good rinse. Most baby toys can go through the dishwasher as well, following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Cleaning the Kitchen

Be sure to clean surfaces in the kitchen well, especially after working with food like raw meat or food like milk that can spoil easily. 

Clean up spills and dropped food as quickly as possible. Wash all cups, utensils, and plates after each meal.

When your baby is big enough to sit in a highchair, clean the chair thoroughly after each meal. If the tray can go through the dishwasher remove it and send it through. Pay extra attention to crevices in the highchair that can collect food. 

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Before Baby Comes Home

Welcoming a new baby into your home is a major life event and there are a lot of things to think about. The purpose of this article is not to overwhelm you, but to empower you with the knowledge and tools to help you succeed and feel successful. 

For parents in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC we offer Newborn Arrival Cleanup Services to be an added support at this time of your life. Our women-owned company and caring staff are eager to come alongside you and help. By utilizing Deep Clean NYC you not only have the freedom of extra time to not have to worry about cleaning your home, but you also gain peace of mind knowing that we are using techniques and cleaners that are proven to be non-toxic for you and your baby while thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your home. You can enjoy your new baby and rest assured that you have fully prepared your home to be the baby’s home too!

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