Efficient Post-Renovation Cleaning Strategies for Co-op Buildings in NYC

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There are thousands of co-op buildings in NYC that house millions of tenants. The shareholder style of ownership has popularized co-op living and reportedly cheaper housing prices, and investors are continuously renovating whole buildings and remodeling existing units to meet the demand. One reason co-op living is less expensive, though, is that the buildings are […]

Renovation Cleaning: Why You Need a Professional Cleaning Service

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If your space is a complete disaster after a renovation, then the job was done right. Remodeling usually requires demolition, which means complete destruction and implies nothing about cleaning up afterward—that’s our job. Deep Clean NYC post-renovation cleaning is a commercial cleaning service that optimizes your time and money and helps you prepare for the […]

11 Things You Should Know Before Renovation

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We’ve compiled this list of 11 things you should know before renovation. Renovating your space is a big deal. The months of disruption for normal life and the many decisions that must be made can cause even the most seasoned renovator to hesitate before starting a new project. But the reward of a new, better […]