11 Things You Should Know Before Renovation

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We’ve compiled this list of 11 things you should know before renovation. Renovating your space is a big deal. The months of disruption for normal life and the many decisions that must be made can cause even the most seasoned renovator to hesitate before starting a new project. But the reward of a new, better space is well worth it! As you look forward to  your renovation, keep the following things in mind to help ensure a smooth and low-stress experience. 

Keep reading to learn how to plan your renovation and then plan for your post-renovation deep clean, which is exactly what we do.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before beginning any renovation, plan, plan, plan. You will need to be able to communicate clearly with your contractor and others involved in the process. The more you understand what you are going for, the better you will be able to envision the finished project in the midst of upheaval.

When planning, here are the 11 things you should know before renovating:

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1. Consider the Purpose of the Space Being Renovated

If the updated space is for entertaining, think about how much open floor space you need for the furniture that you are planning to put in. Consider lighting, plumbing, and electrical options that are comfortable and convenient for your guests. 

Renovating a kitchen? Plan for a flow that suits your cooking needs and patterns. Keep in mind that larger appliances such as a fridge and dishwasher can’t really be moved once they are put in. Think ahead of time about where you will put the cutting board, trash can, and coffee pot. You can always move these smaller things around later, but the more you plan now the easier it will be to settle into your new space. 

New bathroom? Walk through in your mind getting out of the shower, and make sure you have a hook for a towel within easy reach. Think about how many people will be using the space and how big the sink and mirror need to be to accommodate them.

2. Embrace Cleanliness

Any renovation, especially during the demolition phase, is an inherently dirty process. Anyone leaving the site should take off their shoes and outer clothes or safety gadgets as soon as it is safe to do so.

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3. Plan for Necessities

Electrical outlets, water pipes, and windows need to be placed in just the right spot. Make sure you know the applicable zoning laws for your space.

In kitchens and bathrooms, think about where you will use various small appliances (coffee pot, blender, hair dryer), and make sure you put outlets in places that are convenient for you. 

Consider how and what time of day you will have direct sun through the windows. 

4. Know Your Budget

Before you begin, determine what your overall budget is. Then, working with that number, begin to get quotes on various aspects of the remodel. Expect that things will cost more than you originally anticipated, and build in some cushion to your budget. Don’t forget the cost of paint, decor, and deep cleaning costs. Shop around, ask friends who have been through the process before, and consider what parts of the job you can safely and efficiently DIY to help save money. If you have friends who will be helping with the renovation, be sure to compensate them appropriately. Even if they do it as a favor to you, show your appreciation through a gift or exchange of services.

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5. Choose the Right Contractors 

Speaking of budget, get several quotes before deciding on a contractor. Ask your friends and family members for recommendations. Only use contractors with professional certifications, and make sure to get the entire plan in writing before they begin. Read through their proposal and contract in detail before signing. If you do not live in the building being renovated, check in often (daily if possible) to confirm that the work is being done to your satisfaction.  

6. Anticipate Setbacks

As with many large projects, renovations often run into unexpected setbacks. Supplies go on back order, people get sick, the weather does not allow your timeline to move forward as planned. You can help reduce stress down the road by planning for extra time and money in the project, even before you begin. 

Even though we put this in the middle of the list, it’s definitely one of the more important project elements you should know before renovating.

7. Find Temporary Locations to Continue with Life

If you are renovating your kitchen, set up a smaller, temporary kitchen in another room. Pack away as much as you can. Use your bathroom sink for washing dishes, plan for crockpot or microwavable meals, keep perishable items in coolers or an extra freezer. Inexpensive paper products will help to cut down on dishes. Don’t forget a can opener and clips to keep bags closed. 

If you are renovating your bathroom, and you don’t have a second bathroom, consider bathing at a neighbors house or your local gym. Make sure you have a mirror in a well-lit location to apply makeup, shave, etc. 

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8. Consider the Time of Year

Spring is an ideal time for home renovations because the weather is warm and mild. Any renovation begun in the late summer or fall runs the risk of continuing into the winter, where increased heating costs and delays in shipments may postpone your completion date even further. 

9. Prioritize Safety

Safety in a renovation site is paramount. Make sure that anyone going into the renovation site is wearing appropriate footwear, eye and ear protection, and a safety hat if needed. Be alert to nails, cords, chemicals, and tripping hazards such as ladders, tarps, and tools on the ground. 

10. Schedule a Deep Clean

As your renovation nears the end, contact Deep Clean NYC for assistance in ensuring that your space is fully ready to be used. We provide detailed cleaning from drawers, to window tracks, and everything in between so that you can enjoy the finished product without having to clean up all the mess. 

We use products and processes that remove dust not just from surfaces, but from the air as well. This will enable your space to be safe, clean, and ready for you. 

11. Enjoy the Process

A renovation is an exciting time! As you make decisions and plan for the process, don’t forget to look ahead to the finished product. Take some time to imagine yourself in your new space. Whether you are working more efficiently, relaxing with friends and family in a new, cozy environment, or enjoying the benefits of an upgraded kitchen or bathroom, your renovation will be worth the time, money and hassle that it takes. Don’t forget the goal when you are in the throes of the process. 

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Involve Deep Clean NYC

As your renovation nears the end, contact Deep Clean NYC to ensure that your space is fully cleaned and ready before you move back in. We provide detailed cleaning from drawers to window tracks, and everything in between so that you can enjoy the finished product without having to clean up all the mess. Additionally, at Deep Clean NYC we use high-end products and processes that remove dust not just from surfaces, but from the air as well. This will enable your space to be safe, clean, and ready for you. No space too small or too large, contact us today to schedule your cleaning consultation.

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