Renovation Cleaning: Why You Need a Professional Cleaning Service

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If your space is a complete disaster after a renovation, then the job was done right. Remodeling usually requires demolition, which means complete destruction and implies nothing about cleaning up afterward—that’s our job. Deep Clean NYC post-renovation cleaning is a commercial cleaning service that optimizes your time and money and helps you prepare for the entire remodeling process.

Some people skip over the pre-remodeling phase of a renovation, but thorough planning from the start is the first step to a successful post-remodeling cleanup. Imagine a room full of scrap drywall, screws, and plaster from a wall installation project. The hardwood floors are exposed, and the furniture is covered in a layer of dust. The crew comes back the next day to continue work, adding to the growing piles of scrap and dust as they track dirty footprint trails across the kitchen tiles and heirloom rugs while bringing materials in and out.

If you value order and cleanliness, this scenario is a nightmare. For safety and efficiency, you would have cleared the space first, blocked access to unnecessary areas, and covered the floors to protect them. You would vacuum up at the end of the day, and you would wear the appropriate gear to protect yourself while doing so. Deep Clean NYC applies this kind of thinking to the entire renovation process so that post-renovation cleaning is a welcome part of the remodeling project and not an overwhelming afterthought. Here is what we recommend.

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Talk to Your Contractor

We know from experience that planning for a disaster is one way to lessen the stress that comes with renovation. Your contractor might require that you prepare the space before the work begins, or they may take care of it themselves. This is a great talking point to bring up. Ask what you can do to get ready for demolition or renovation. Maybe you need to tape cardboard or plastic over the floors and windows, or maybe they bring their own coverings. Ask who is responsible for this preparatory step.

Make sure to ask your contractor if they provide post-renovation cleaning in the NYC area and if so, what it includes. You should have a pretty good idea of what their order of operations will be, their estimated timeline, and what kind of cleanup schedule they follow. This will help you prepare and ensure they have easy access to the space. It will also help preserve your sanity by knowing ahead of time whether you need to schedule a post-renovation cleaning service.

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Prepare Your Space

Depending on the space that is being transformed, there will be different preparation needs. If there is going to be a lot of dust during the demolition and renovation, and there is, then you will want to move or store away whatever furniture and items are in danger of becoming dust-covered headaches. Ask yourself what things will remain in the space once the renovation is complete. When everything is decluttered and stored safely away from the demolition zone, then it is time to protect the floors, windows, and any other fixtures that will endure the process. These are at risk of being damaged and would require extra cleanup and possibly repair. Save yourself time and money by also blocking the entrance into other areas that are not involved with the renovation.

Remember to snap a few pictures of how the space looked before the transformation. You will thank yourself for the photographic evidence. These images will not only help you recall where everything was, but they will also capture the story of the space and its journey through renovation.

Prepare Your Mind

You might need to leave the space during the renovation. On the one hand, this means that you might physically need to relocate the kitchen to the bathroom, or vice versa, or stay somewhere else while the work is being done. On the other hand, you might need to remove yourself from the situation if the sight of the mess is too much to handle. Remember, the space is being purposely destroyed so that it can be renewed to your liking. This can be difficult to endure, so give yourself a break and leave the space during the renovation. 

Mental preparation is as important as physical preparation. The process is disastrous, disruptive, and time-consuming, and the level of stress will vary with each person’s tolerance for chaos, dirt, and dust. Trust the process. Deep Clean NYC has successfully navigated this problem many times and is here for you throughout the entire process from preparation to completion. We offer the best renovation cleaning in NYC so that you can focus on how to use your newly remodeled space to best serve your personal and professional needs.

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Know the Health Risks

One reason post-renovation cleaning is so important is that airborne irritants can harm your health. Demolition and renovation often bring out the worst in the wood and materials beneath. Trapped allergens could be released into the air and settle into the space if they are not properly cleaned. Tearing, sanding, and sawing through tile, drywall, and wood are all natural parts of the destruction and construction phases that cause dust. Prolonged exposure to dust can have a considerable impact on your well-being from allergy flare-ups to respiratory issues.

Protect yourself and the crew. Always use protective gear when undertaking post-renovation cleanup, and talk to your contractor about their safety policies. Eyes, lungs, and skin are susceptible to dust intake, so protect these vital organs with the right gear—goggles, masks, boots, and gloves.

Keep it Tidy

Whether you work with a contractor or take the renovation into your own hands, actual cleanup begins the moment everything is put away. You might ventilate the space, tidy up in between, and vacuum up the day’s dust and debris, but the true cleanup is a separate and distinct part of the whole project. Cleaning happens after renovation. Don’t sweat the small details if you’re doing daily damage control. For example, don’t waste your time and energy with a dust cloth on the floorboards if they will get covered again tomorrow.

Until the renovation is complete, focus your efforts on the big things that will make tomorrow’s workload more efficient. Remove excess cardboard and packaging from new installations, and use a shop vac to keep the workspace free of liquids, errant hardware, and debris. You should already know ahead of time if the laborers will handle any of this, but if you must enter the space during the renovation period for intermittent cleanup, protect yourself with the necessary personal protective gear.

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Post-Renovation Professional Cleaning Service – Deep Clean NYC

Once the job is done and the excess materials have been properly disposed of, removed, or stored, then it’s time to get out your vacuum and microfiber dusters. Think “head-to-toe” as you clean from the highest part of the space, from the ceiling down to the floor. Be mindful of window sills, walls, trim, inside cabinets, shelving, and small spaces. Dry clean first, and then bring in the mops and wipes for a wet clean, paying extra attention to carpets that may require professional post-renovation cleaning. Finally, clean the air vents with warm, soapy water, and check or replace the air filters.  

Dust takes time to settle. Schedule a follow-up cleaning a week later to polish your renovated space. Deep Clean NYC post-renovation cleaning service is here for you during any phase of post-renovation cleanup, including the beginning. Call us today to get your renovation started!

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