Spring Cleaning Tips for Your NYC Home 2023

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As you begin a new year perhaps you are looking for a few spring cleaning tips to keep your home clean and organized. There is no need to wait until spring officially begins to start some spring cleaning! Take advantage of this season of setting resolutions to take purposeful steps towards a clean home. Each small task completed will help motivate you to keep going. 

Allow this spring cleaning checklist to work for you. You can go in any order, modify them to fit your home, and add or subtract from the list however you need to. The important thing is that you take spring cleaning seriously as a part of regular home maintenance.

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When Does Spring Cleaning Start?

Don’t allow the term to deceive you. Spring cleaning is a general term for deep cleaning that people do on a regular basis (usually once or twice a year). Historically it is done just before or on the first day of spring for religious or practical reasons. But you certainly don’t have to wait until March to begin to thoroughly clean your house. In fact, many people consider the winter months to be the best time for cleaning your home. Any day that you decide to start is the right day to do some spring cleaning.

How Is Spring Cleaning Different from Regular Cleaning? 

Regular cleaning is considered a “surface clean.” Daily or weekly you do a surface clean by wiping down surfaces that are visible or easily reached such as countertops, tables, and floors. Spring cleaning, on the other hand, is a “deep clean.” Deep cleaning involves cleaning (and organizing!) drawers, cabinets, behind furniture, and anything else you can think of. Did you know the toilet lid comes off so you can clean under the joints of the lid? How about the closet that hasn’t seen the light of day for years? 

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Help! I’m Getting Overwhelmed!

If spring cleaning seems daunting, don’t be afraid! The following spring cleaning tips are broken down into small pieces that will help you tackle an extensive project one part at a time. You don’t have to do it all today. This is also a good general rule of thumb for when you are preparing to renovate your home.

Pick one or two and start there. Then choose one more to do tomorrow. Make sure you have the supplies for the next task before you begin. 

A few more tips to keep you from getting overwhelmed: 

  • Reward yourself often for small victories. 
  • Print out your deep spring cleaning checklist and cross off each item as you complete it. 
  • Use the momentum of finishing a task to excite you for the next one. 
  • Set reasonable goals and schedule breaks.
  • Invite a friend to join you and share the work of cleaning each other’s houses.
  • Listen to music or an intriguing audiobook. 
  • Enlist help from a professional cleaning company to do any and all tasks that you don’t want to/can’t do yourself. 
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Supplies to Use

Before beginning cleaning make sure that you have the supplies you need. For most tasks you will need a cleaning solution and rags. A toothbrush can help clean smaller ridges and corners. 

If you are planning to tackle a large portion of your house at one time, keep a bucket for dirty rags nearby so you can keep them all in one place. Buckets are also helpful for making and transporting cleaning solutions such as soapy water from one room to another. 

Warning About Chemicals

As you work with chemicals, be sure to follow all manufacturer’s directions. Wear a mask and turn on fans if possible. Take frequent breaks to get fresh air. If you find that being around the cleaning products is irritating your lungs, stop working immediately.

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Deep Clean NYC’s Commitment to Safety

Deep Clean NYC uses products that are safe and effective. Our vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA filtration to clean the air as well as the floor. We also utilize air purification devices from Alorair to keep your home safe during and after any deep cleaning processes. 

Tips For Creating A Deep Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring Cleaning Tips For Every Room

Check ceiling, walls, and corners for dirt and spider webs. Dust as needed. 

Clean baseboards and edges where the floor meets the wall. 

Empty cabinets and drawers. Wipe out thoroughly before organizing and replacing contents. 

Clean mirrors and windows. Dry completely to avoid leaving streaks.  Wipe down blinds. Wash curtains. 

Take apart light fixtures and clean globes or covers. Be careful to dry the parts and your hands completely before replacing them. For added safety, turn off the breaker to any light or appliance before taking it apart. 


Scrub around the shower head, sink faucet, and any handles to remove mold and soap scum. 

Check the shower curtain for mold, clean and hang it to air dry. 

Remove the toilet seat and lid to clean underneath. On most toilets the hinge turns to unlock so that it can be removed. 


Clean the stove and oven thoroughly. Remove and clean drip trays under burners. Take out oven racks. If the oven door comes apart easily remove it and clean the inside and outside. 

Remove and clean the dishwasher filter. Consult the manufacturer’s guide if you do not know where to find this filter. 

Take everything out of your fridge and freezer. Clean the inside including removable shelves and drawers. Replace food, but be sure to check expiration dates and throw away any food that is not usable.

Clean inside and outside of the microwave. 


Move all furniture away from the walls and clean walls and floor. Check under the bed for lost items, dust, and trash. 

Lift mattress and box spring off of bed frame. Wipe down the bed frame. 


As you consider Spring Cleaning perhaps it isn’t something that you can do yourself or there are certain parts of the house that you need extra help to get fully clean. Deep Clean NYC is here for you. We will come to your location and provide a free consultation and estimate in person. This ensures that we understand your needs and vision before we start the job. We guarantee that our staff will treat your home as if it is their own and take great pride in producing a finished product that has every detail taken care of. 

Our women-owned company has years of experience cleaning residential and commercial facilities. We take seriously the hiring and training of all of our staff. 

In addition to our experienced staff, we also have the equipment needed to clean hard to reach areas and cleaning solutions to fight the grease and dirt build-up. No job is too large or too small. 

Contact Deep Clean NYC 

With a new year upon us and spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get started on a deep spring cleaning checklist. Go through your house and determine how our spring cleaning tips can best serve you. Then decide what parts of the job you want to do yourself and how Deep Clean NYC can come alongside you to help. After all, we all have the same goal: to provide high-end cleaning services so that you can relax knowing that, because of your spring cleaning and home maintenance, your home is clean and ready for the next season. Contact us today!

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