The Ultimate Seasonal Cleaning Routine and Checklist

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Deep Clean NYC is committed to your seasonal cleaning needs, and we offer checklists for your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning needs. This article prepares you for any season – Spring, Holiday, Tourist – and offers streamlined checklists to keep handy. While our professional seasonal cleaning service provides you with outstanding service, we are also here to help you maintain the superior cleanliness that you work hard to achieve. Let Deep Clean NYC relieve the stress of cleaning with lists that simplify your life.

We understand that every day is different and unpredictable. We also know that a clean space is a blank slate and a place to build new dreams. This keeps us on top of our cleaning game so that you can focus on running your business or relaxing in your space. Seasonal cleaning might not refer to the traditional four seasons, but you may experience a holiday season, busy season, or tourist season. Whatever “season” means to you, this will help!

Get Ready for the Holidays with Holiday Deep Cleaning

Seasonal Cleaning Checklist:

            1. Clean the cleaning supplies.

Clean out your vacuums, rinse and wash your mop heads, clean your brooms, and disinfect the bottles and tools that are used daily. This helps stop the spread of germs and freshens up your supplies to get the best performance out of them. 

            2. Clean the high-use and high-touch spaces.

Clean up all of your appliances and vents. Sinks and countertops are used frequently and should be deep cleaned seasonally for better interim use. Appliances such as the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, oven, microwave, and coffee maker also receive daily use and deserve extra attention seasonally to ensure their continued cleanliness. Give your light switches, doorknobs, and faucets a deep seasonal clean. This will help you start fresh with your short-term cleanings, making sure there is no carryover from last season.  

            3. Clean the airways and drains.

Pay special seasonal attention to vents, fans, and exhaust. Replace any old filters and remember to mark the date on the new ones. Dust fan blades and remove vent covers for a good cleaning. This extra attention will allow clean air to flow through your space. Give the same attention to the drains to keep things flowing smoothly.

            4. Clean the tools.

Whether cookware, silverware, glassware or any other ware, make sure to give them a thorough seasonal cleaning. Discard and replace any broken or unusable item to keep your space clear of clutter.

            5. Clean the windows.

Focus on cleaning the glass panes, frames, and any detailed ornamentation around them where dirt and dust hide, gathering allergens and other impurities. Clean them out of your space seasonally to ensure a fresh, breathable place of business or rest. Remember to include the screens in your seasonal cleaning regimen.

            6. Clean the floors, tiles, and grout.

That is correct, the grout between the tiles receives little to no attention during the daily grind, but it collects everything, including everything that the mop and vacuum miss. Scrubbing grout lines will earn you extra points with your clients, especially if they notice before you point it out. Add this to your seasonal deep floor cleaning.

            7. Wash the linens and fabrics.

Beyond the usual sheets, towels, napkins, etc. that get used (and washed!) daily, think curtains, pillow covers, sofas, and chair pads. Consider using easy-to-remove covers that will streamline your efforts.  

            8. Clean the exterior and storage spaces.

Remember to include any patio, porch, deck, garage, basement, attic, or other space that is used for storage or that guests pass by on their way to your space.  The eye will catch any imperfection, so leave no space uncleaned. Depending on the size of the exterior space, this might require additional professional help.

            9. Clean the garbage cans.

A seasonal deep cleaning will help keep this daily chore a less irritating part of your day.

            10. Clean the rugs, carpets, and furniture.

These high-traffic features collect and trap unwanted contaminants. For your daily or weekly vacuuming regimen to be easily and effectively enacted, the rugs and floors have to be deep cleaned seasonally to avoid a false sense of cleanliness.   

            11. Dust the shelves, art, and baseboards.

Whether it’s your customers, your houseguests, or yourself in the space, seasonal dusting is required to keep the air healthy and pure. This includes dusting off the bookshelves, décor, and artwork on display. This maintains your intended aesthetic value as well as the integrity of the breathable atmosphere. While you’re at it, safely get down to the floor and dust off that tiny shelf atop your baseboards where dust loves to hide.

            12. Declutter the space.

As you move through your seasonal cleaning checklist, give each area that you are tending to a thorough uncluttering. Get rid of what no longer serves your space, your business, or your needs, and create a clear place.

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Monthly Cleaning Checklist

There are 12 items on the seasonal list, and 12 months in a year. Being that “season” is a general term herein, as a last resort, it might make sense to proceed through the seasonal list annually, choosing one of the tasks to complete every calendar month (or, save the last month for that one thing that may have been missed). However, if you adhere to a more “seasonal” cleaning regimen, then your monthly cleaning checklist will be a simpler version of your seasonal one.

 Monthly List

o   Organize the cleaning supplies, and keep a stash of necessary products 

o   Clean high-use and high-touch spaces with a sponge or wipe

o   Check on what filters need replacing, and make sure to stock up

o   Organize the tools, removing and replacing anything unsafe or unusable  

o   Clean the windows and frames sufficiently. Don’t stress about the screens

o   Thoroughly clear the entire space and clean the floors

o   Inspect the larger linens and fabrics for what needs to be cleaned

o   Organize the exterior and storage spaces to minimize clutter

o   Rinse out the garbage cans

o   Inspect the rugs, carpets, and furniture to assess what needs to be washed

o   Dust the space with a microfiber (or similar) duster

o   Declutter as you go

Weekly and Daily Cleaning Checklist

The weekly cleaning workload is massive when itemized, so the weekly list tends to blend into a daily cleaning list for simplicity:


o   Clean the sinks and toilets

o   Wipe down the mirrors and countertops

o   Sweep and mop the floors


o   Do the laundry

o   Change the linens

o   Dust (look for cobwebs)


o   Vacuum

o   Vacuum the furniture

o   Shake out the rugs


o   Clean the countertops

o   Wipe down the appliances

o   Check for any expired food


o   Declutter and organize the space

o   Vacuum, sweep, and mop


o   Tend to the outdoor and exterior spaces

o   Water any plants


o   Catch up

o   Plan for next week

Daily Cleaning Checklist

            Daily List

o   Take out the trash

o   Wipe the countertops and surfaces

o   Check/clean toilets 

o   Sweep the floors

Deep Clean NYC Can Help With Your Seasonal, Monthly and Weekly Cleaning

Cleaning is an ancient practice. A clean space clears your mind so you can focus your energy where it serves you, your guests, and your clients best. These daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal lists will streamline your efforts and keep your luxurious space clean. If you’re in the NYC area and require a professional Deep Cleaning or any of our other cleaning services – New Construction, Post Renovation, Move In/Out, and Newborn Arrival – Deep Clean NYC is here to help! Contact us now!

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