6 Service Specialties: Why You Should Hire the Deep Clean NYC Team

Featured: Cleaning crew wiping desks in office- 6 Service Specialties: Why You Should Hire the Deep Clean NYC Team

Cleaning is an industry. There are over a million cleaning companies in the US, and by 2024, 80% of households are expected to use a commercial cleaning service. In the post-pandemic atmosphere, more people are hiring trusted professionals to take the proper precautions against spreading germs and promoting the health and safety of staff and clientele. For households and businesses alike, hiring a commercial cleaning service saves time and money.

Deep cleaning services in NYC are in high demand and motivate competition between companies in both New York and New Jersey, two of the top four states with the most cleaning businesses. Deep Clean NYC is one such company. Although we won’t list a million reasons why we are the best cleaning service in NYC, we will highlight what we have been doing best since 2011 for over 10,000 satisfied builders, contractors, design firms, and VIP clients like you!

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Newborn Arrival Cleaning

Nesting during pregnancy is the urge to ready your home for a new baby. The instinct to purge your space of germs and organize it to suit your new lifestyle is natural, and your family deserves the peace of mind that comes with a deep-cleaned home. Our newborn arrival cleaning service removes the stress and worries of wanting a safe, sanitized space for your family.

Newborns have fragile immune systems and sensitive skin. We use nontoxic products that honor your growing infant’s health and safety, and we steam clean your floors and bathrooms without chemicals. Focusing on the spaces where your baby will spend the most time, we deep clean every inch. Our Newborn Arrival Cleaning service cleans and sanitizes your home so you can await your new baby in peace.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home for a Baby in NYC

Seasonal Cleaning

From mudroom cleanup in the spring to pre and post-holiday organization, Deep Clean NYC offers outstanding one-time seasonal cleaning services for any project. To give you the best service in the industry, we come to your home or office space and provide a free estimate. We work best when we know exactly what your needs are. Every job is unique, so a thorough walk-through lets us know the proper equipment and materials required.

As experienced professionals, we know the best practices, supplies, and procedures for seasonal cleaning in NYC. We take proper care of special finishes, surfaces, and materials. We are passionate about delivering excellent service and are determined to leave your space clean and ready for any season. Our clients hire us for a variety of one-time deep cleaning needs or ongoing seasonal cleanings, and we get the job done to perfection each time.

Get Ready for the Holidays with Holiday Deep Cleaning

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Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Our Move-In and Move-Out cleaning service is for property managers and owners alike who need a pristine space to rent, sell, or enjoy. Deep Clean NYC also has a staging cleaning service that creates a picture-perfect home or office. We know that first impressions are everything, and we are in the business of making sure your space hits the market in the best possible condition—sparkling clean and beautiful!

Ensuring that your home or retail space is move-in ready often requires a professional deep cleaning service that understands the value of a thoroughly sanitized blank slate. People want to buy, sell, and rent a ready space. Whether that means hiring a commercial cleaning service before moving in or after moving out, we go beyond the general cleaning that the usual tenant would undertake. Deep Clean NYC uses detailed checklists of tasks, supplies, and procedures to follow, which makes us the best deep cleaning service for our customers.

Post-Renovation Cleaning & New Construction Cleaning Service

Renovations of all sizes leave a mess behind. Whether you’re patching drywall holes or remodeling the kitchen, there will be dust. A considerable portion of our business during the past decade has come from post-renovation cleaning in NYC because people are constantly repairing, reimagining, and updating their homes and offices. No job is complete without proper post-renovation cleaning, and we meet our client’s high expectations with the detailed and efficient processes that we have compiled over years of experience.   

We do the dirty work that builders are not always contracted to do with new construction. With top-to-bottom deep cleaning, we fill the time between the completion of your new construction and your enjoyment of it. We inspect and clean every new drawer and cabinet where sawdust gathers. We clean everything from hinges and switch plates to wheel tracks and windowsills until every inch is ready for the next tenant.

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Commercial Cleaning Service (Medical Office Cleaning)

Medical facilities abound in NYC, and they all need to be cleaned according to their specific requirements. We specialize in dermatologists, dentists, eye doctors, physical therapists, and urgent care offices that demand regular and deep cleaning services. We know that your clients are more likely to return to your office if it is sparkling clean, so we focus on disinfection and infection prevention. This not only satisfies your clientele but also earns you a better return on your investment in a dedicated NYC cleaning service.

We tend to every corner and crevice so that your patients and staff can breathe easily in the clean atmosphere. They trust in you to deliver the best care in the safest environment, and you can trust Deep Clean NYC to provide the best cleaning service for your medical office. We are trained professionals who use quality products and processes to clean your office until it shines for your loyal clients.

Home & Apartment Deep Cleaning Service in NYC

Another service we pride ourselves on is home and apartment deep cleaning. We rise above the industry standard and provide the best cleaning service possible based on experience and customer feedback. As with all of our services, we use HEPA-filtered vacuums and commercial-grade air scrubbers, and use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We also note any special furnishings and materials and bring the right equipment and supplies.

It delights us to find and clean any overlooked nook or cranny. We enter your home with a plan, and we execute that plan with professionalism. We respect your input and needs, and we communicate before, during, and after the work is done to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. With great attention to detail, we treat you like the VIP client that you are. Check out our customer testimonials if you want to read for yourself what it is that we do best!

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6 Services Specialties: Why Deep Clean NYC is the Best Cleaning Service

Our Newborn Arrival Service uses high-quality environmentally conscious products to protect your baby’s delicate system as well as your home’s delicate surfaces. Like all of our projects, our Seasonal Cleaning service surveys the space beforehand to ensure we have the right equipment and products. If you use our Move-In/Move-Out service, you can trust us to leave your space pristine for you or the next tenant.

We also deep clean your home Post-Renovation or after New Construction so well that no one will know you remodeled. For Commercial Cleaning, we use top-quality equipment to keep the space and air free from harmful contaminants to support your staff and patients’ health. Our Home or Apartment Deep Cleaning meets and exceeds industry standards because we love what we do! Contact us today! Book your next project with the best deep cleaning service in NYC!

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