11 Things You Should Know Before Renovation

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We’ve compiled this list of 11 things you should know before renovation. Renovating your space is a big deal. The months of disruption for normal life and the many decisions that must be made can cause even the most seasoned renovator to hesitate before starting a new project. But the reward of a new, better […]

Deep Clean NYC Featured as Top Cleaning Expert at the Redfin Blog

Deep Clean NYC is pleased to announce that we were featured on one of Redfin’s latest pieces “The Complete Bedroom Cleaning Checklist”. A messy bedroom can add to everyday stress and anxiety and interfere with your quality of sleep. Your bedroom should be a refuge at the end of a long day, a clean space […]

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Deep Cleaning Services

There’s a lot more to the process of hiring a professional cleaning company than initially meets the eye. While you might think an understanding of their services and rates is enough, there are several other details that go into ensuring a business is a good match for your project. Even if you think you’ve found […]

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Cleaning Company

We can’t handle every mess on our own. If you’re in the process of moving out of your current home, it’s probably the last thing you want to deal with. But not every cleaning company is the right fit for every job; sometimes, it takes a little digging to find the one that’s right for […]

Why You Should Clean Before Staging a Home

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you’ll have first-hand knowledge of the impact staging can have on buyer interest. This is because, regardless of the price range, buyers want to experience the environment for themselves before they commit to purchasing a house. Otherwise, they’re gambling their hard-earned money on a place they may not […]

What Post-Construction Cleaning Services Include

Though it might feel like the bulk of the work is done once your home renovation is complete, getting this space livable again requires additional effort. In fact, between the dust, smudges, and splatter leftover on every possible surface, the cleaning process can be just as tedious as the construction itself. Fortunately, post-construction cleaning professionals […]

What To Expect During Professional Cleaning Services

The process of cleaning a home isn’t an exact science. From the type of flooring throughout the home to the individual nooks and crannies of the kitchen drawers and cabinets, each property is different and often needs customized care. Because of this, it can be difficult for a homeowner or property seller to devote the […]

Reasons to Hire a Professional Move Out Cleaning Service

As apartment renters and homeowners begin the process of moving out of their current residence, the last thing on their minds is the thought of cleaning. While it might seem like a strange thing for them to forget, it’s typically a low priority in their rush to pack up their belongings and get out the […]

The Advantages of Post-Construction Cleaning Services

When it comes to wrapping up a lengthy construction project, the last thing a company wants to worry about is the final cleaning. This is why, rather than take on the task themselves, it’s more common for businesses to hire professional cleaning services to get the job done right. The new building gets cleaned to […]