Questions To Ask Before Hiring Deep Cleaning Services

There’s a lot more to the process of hiring a professional cleaning company than initially meets the eye. While you might think an understanding of their services and rates is enough, there are several other details that go into ensuring a business is a good match for your project. Even if you think you’ve found the right vendor, pausing to make sure is never a bad idea. You need to know the right questions to ask before hiring deep cleaning services and what they mean for your security.

Is the Company Insured and Licensed?

First and foremost, you should always make sure the company you want to hire has the correct license to offer their services and is insured by the local government to do so. Licensing proves that they completed all the necessary training and legal requirements to become an official business. At the same time, providing proof of insurance shows that they’re able to reimburse you if they damage something. This is also the time to inquire about whether they have a satisfaction guarantee.

Do They Pre-Screen Employees?

You should also ask about the process they use to hire their employees. If you’re going to trust these individuals to be near your possessions, you want to know that they have a background that shows they’re trustworthy. Don’t hesitate to ask whether your cleaners all went through a pre-screening process upon hiring.

Does the Company Have Past Client Reviews?

Another important question to ask before hiring deep cleaning services is whether they have a section of their website or a third-party page that lists their customer reviews. Just like with any other type of service, the best way to determine the quality of a cleaner’s results is to read what past clients had to say about them. These reviews will indicate their level of professionalism and whether individuals were satisfied with what they did.

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How Will They Gain Access To Your Home?

For those seeking move-out cleaning services, there’s often a bit of confusion as to how these professionals will gain access to an unoccupied space. Whether it’s leaving a spare key or scheduling a time for the owner to let them in, you’ll need to know these details in advance to maintain the security of the residence. By establishing the necessary protocols, you’ll always know where your extra keys are and who is using them.

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