What Post-Construction Cleaning Services Include

Though it might feel like the bulk of the work is done once your home renovation is complete, getting this space livable again requires additional effort. In fact, between the dust, smudges, and splatter leftover on every possible surface, the cleaning process can be just as tedious as the construction itself. Fortunately, post-construction cleaning professionals exist to tackle these tough cleaning jobs for you. This way, you can worry less about the final stages of the project and feel satisfied a lot sooner with the finished product. These are some of the tasks that post-construction cleaning services include and how each of them brings you closer to a quality remodel.

All-Surface Dusting

One of the most important services that post-construction cleaning professionals offer their clients is a thorough removal of dust. During extensive home or building renovations, it’s common for small fragments of debris to float through the air and come to rest on every accessible surface. This not only makes it difficult to use the furniture in that area, but it can also make it hard for you to breathe. By properly dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down all the covered items, these cleaners make that environment a healthier one to spend time in.

Chrome Fixture Polishing

Post-construction cleaning services also include the polishing of metals and certain finishes. Oil, grease, and other lubricants are often necessary during the installation of certain lighting fixtures and faucets. This can leave smudges that dampen their beautiful metal appearance. Professional cleaners use special solutions to remove these substances and return each fixture to its proper finish.

Kitchen and Bathroom Area Sanitization

Depending on the extent of the *renovation, post-construction cleaning experts may also offer sanitization services. This ensures that germ-sensitive areas like the kitchen and bathrooms are hygienic and ready for use upon completion. The process includes wiping down all surfaces where bacteria tend to collect, targeting high-traffic items such as the sink, countertops, showers, and bathtubs.

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